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11 tips let you furniture furniture maintenance | ever new

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-18
In the kitchen, put red circle apron, the same pattern of insulation pad, and then put the tablecloth of red and white stripes, with a dinner set of personality. Although not takes effort, but the effect is obvious. And in the bathroom, use the dark blue stickers locker, lens ark every frame combination, lively and concise. As to the balcony, put on red clay flowerpots, the cane rocking chair, storage is blue, bamboo bowl, such dress up enough fashion. Home furniture is going through the test of the season, dirt, scratch, crack, deformation, even let a person see the very uncomfortable, so how to give your furniture and beauty? Big problem with manufacturer warranty, small problems themselves.

cane implement or made of bamboo products with long will have scale, discoloration, salt water scrubbing, as well as decontamination, and make the soft resilient. Use a wet towel to wipe can make its clean at ordinary times.


in fire prevention board of tea on tea table, the passage of time will leave ugly patches of stains. At this point, you can sprinkle some water on the table, with tin foil paper to wipe the cigarette, then wash with water, tea stains can get washed away.


hot cup dish direct on furniture such as lacquer face, leave a circle very hot mark. General with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea can wipe wet dishcloth, or wipe gently with the iodine on very hot mark or coated with a layer of vaseline oil; Lie between dishcloth of two days of reoccupy to wipe, very hot mark can be removed.


pyrotechnics, ash or burning matches, so, sometimes in the left qiaogen furniture finish. If only surface burning, toothpicks can be hard on pack a layer of thin cloth gently wipe traces. And then covered with a layer of wax qiaogen be removed.


furniture will erase a trademark of residue left behind stickers, sticky dirty, rough erasers available, the effect is good, the chewing gum on the floor to also can use the eraser.


home desktop, white white chairs easily dirty, wipe with cloth is not easy to dirty mark, might as well try to use toothpaste squeezed in a clean dishcloth, gently only, the stain on the furniture will be removed. Hard not too big, do not damage paint.

if furniture paint scratches, not touch wood, furniture can be used with the same color crayons or in the wound of furniture paint, covering exposed in the background, and then with a thin layer of transparent nail polish.


when wooden french country furniture or floor cracks, old newspaper can be cut up, add right amount of alum, with water or rice water should be boiled into a paste and then embedded in the cracks and flat with the knife and dry after will be very strong, and then coated with the same color paint, wood can be restored to its original form.


if furniture back area be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape should be replaced, furniture must be four MATS flat, or uneven deformation, push-pull type coat cupboard door don't install the mirror, the mirror too overweight will make the cupboard door down pressure track.


electrical appliances such as electroplating switches often touching, will lose luster and erosion by sweat, can often smearing vaseline, prevent the erosion of salt.


for leather, wooden french country furniture wax regularly, at ordinary times can be things such as, can only be used in peacetime maintenance ever new.

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