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Focus on Home Furniture for 11 Years

Hoolnn is a professional wood furniture manufacturers specialized in making a wide range of custom made solid wood furniture. 


Hoolnn Furniture specializes in designing and making a wide range of wooden furniture as well as upholstered products since her birth in 2009 at Ningbo, China.

The past 10 years has seen the factory experiencing a rapid and steady expansion in furniture business. Now we have a production area over 10,000 square meters and over 70 employees.

Most of our staff has been in wooden furniture industry for over 10 years, they are all well trained and experienced in furniture design, woodworking, painting, upholstery and quality control. We outsource, in some cases, production to four regular factories with Hoolnn standard.





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E-mail: hoolnninfo@gmail.com  

☎ Tel: +86 18958319120

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